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About Bossaka


About Us

Deliver technological solutions that accelerate industrial transformation and are designed to meet the demands of the industry.

As BOSSAKA, we carry out professional manufacture and implement industrial solutions. We contribute favorably to industry growth and hold a leadership position in corporate services content. By continuing the manufacturing phase of legally and institutionally needed items by offering a diverse variety of products, we manufacture tools primarily for the automobile industry, the energy sector, and the defense industry. The entire production process is outfitted with cutting-edge technical equipment. BOSSAKA manufactures industrial solutions as well as provides all of its service content through skilled employees.

Professional Production Phase

BOSSAKA is pioneering Industry 4.0 throughout the machining industry as an innovative partner capable of developing digital process solutions for maximum efficiency. We also contribute to the manufacturing phase of the automotive industry, specifically supporting related industries by manufacturing turbine housings, crankshafts, and engine blocks. The milling process is also done well, and the end product is great. Bossaka, which provides services with state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, is firmly committed to the future. My organization delivers its services within the legal parameters of providing the necessary product and service content.

BOSSAKA collaborates with its customers in the development of customized solutions for the complete machining of components for the aerospace, automotive, energy, and general engineering industries. We maintain the entire production phase with an innovative and modern understanding, adopting a customer-oriented approach. 

                                                               - Bossaka offers to advance the industry with the hands-on experience of the past. -

Industry Solutions Partner

A wide range of services are offered for industrial product requirements and support is provided in the institutional framework. The required product is professionally prepared as soon as possible and a contribution is made.